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Firm fuels South Dakota film industry


(ABERDEEN, SD) June 2, 2006 -  A South Dakota landmark—Mount Rushmore--made its Hollywood debut in 1959 in the thriller North by Northwest. Dances with Wolves won the Academy Award®for Best Picture as a story of Native American people amid the state’s panoramic natural beauty.


But when people think of South Dakota, they usually don’t think “movies.” Hayze Entertainment Group, LLC,wants to change that by growing the film industry in a state known more for growing corn than moviemakers.


Hayze Entertainment was hired to establish the film division of the Northern Route to the Black Hills, an organization focused on stimulating the South Dakota economy via unique ventures including tourism and filmmaking. “Our mission is to promote independent--specifically Native American--film by providing financing and distribution for those projects,” said Buddie Hasty, President of Hayze Entertainment.


An office in Aberdeen, SD, puts the Austin, TX, based firm in the heart of Native America and close to the organizations with which it collaborates--the South Dakota Film Office, Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the Black Hills Film Resource Council.    


“By bringing film projects to South Dakota, we’re mentoring and hiring local talent,” Hasty said. “Film companies can hire qualified talent and crew within South Dakota and the dollars stay in South Dakota.”


As part of its work with the Northern Route, Hayze Entertainment reviews and pitches scripts to a network of local and nationally known film investors and TV syndicates. The firm also sponsors film festivals, a venue for many novice filmmakers. In addition, the company is working with numerous Native American tribes on projects.  


“The Native American film market is untapped,” Hasty said. “We want to build visibility and credibility for Native-written and Native-produced film, specifically documentaries. Natives have the knowledge and capability to produce accurate depictions of their lives and history, and we’re here to help them.”


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